5 Great Ways to Make Bubbles

Looking for great bubble makers for the kids? For National Bubble Week, I thought I would share my five best bubble makers from my top favorite bubble blower toys!
top best bubble makers
For handheld options:
Kids can now harness the awesome Funrise Gazillion Bubbles® bubble-blowing power with Hurricane Blaster! Just pour the solution into the reservoir and press the button to create a storm of colorful bubbles! ($9.99)

Another is the Funrise Gazillion Bubbles Triple Bubble Blaster. It’s a traditional bubble wand type action combined with electronic power. Pour the bubble solution into the specially designed tray and dip each of the three wands of this handheld bubble blower into the solution. Hold the blaster upright, and press the button to create a gazillion bubbles blowing in three directions! ($9.99)
Melissa & Doug Bubble Blower comes in a frog or butterfly set with a blow-through bubble wand which makes it easy for kids to use, in a fun set. ($6.99)
top bubble makers
For other bubble alternatives:
The Funrise Toys Gazillion Bubble Hurricane Machine is a table top bubble making option. It has a side to side motion that spreads the bubbles far and wide. Just fill the reservoir and press the button to start it up. Great for parties. Just press, sit back, and let the kids run around to catch the bubbles. ($14.99)
hurricane blaster
If you have a Star Wars fan, then this R2D2 bubble maker from Imperial Toy may be a galactic hit. Has real droid sounds, stands about 16 inches tall, and R2’s head rotates to spread the bubbles far, far, away. ($65)
r2d2 bubble maker copy
Do you have favorite bubble makers? Please share!

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