Here are the Best Baby Rattles for Baby Development!

Baby Rattles are a baby’s first toy, and it’s their first introduction to play. While baby rattles may seem like a novelty, they foster a baby’s development through cause and effect, tactile touch, and sensory stimulation. 

They are simple gifts and can always be tied to a gift bag or stuffed into a baby gift basket. However, baby rattles are a great toy for babies, but it is not necessary to purchase one. Parents and caregivers can create the same play experience using materials around the house if they want a DIY option. For example, caregivers can use plastic containers with screw-top lids. They can fill the containers with a small number of dried beans, dried rice, or dried cereal. The baby can shake the container and get sounds and stimulation similar to a baby rattle.

Stuffed animals and books can also be used as rattle substitutes. Many plush pals have rattles or other sensory experiences embedded in them, like the Baby Gund Tinkle Crinkle Caterpillar

As with baby toys, parents should avoid tags or other loose materials that could pose choking hazards. Also consider these aspects too:

  • Look for rattles that have pieces that are sewn or embroidered rather than glued on.
  • Contemplate selecting rattles with soft materials vs. hard plastic and look for BPA-free materials. 
  • Parents and caregivers should consider rattles that are easy to grasp with lots of ways to hold as babies develop their hand grip.
  • Find rattles that can be easily washed or wiped down for baby’s hygiene.
  • Consider rattles that can be attached to a stroller so they are not lost on the go or won’t easily fall to the ground. 
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These are some tried and true suggested baby rattle brands to consider!

Manhattan Toy



Dolce Primo


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