American Girl Mega Bloks Grace Pastry Cart

It was perfect timing to receive this complimentary product for review. My son is very protective of his building bricks and he does NOT like to share them with his little sister. However, his little sister wants to build and play too! So she pleaded with me to get her some building bricks, and I think the new American Girl Mega Bloks would be perfect for her.
The American Girl Mega Bloks is new for 2016 and you can see all of the products in the line in this video.

What I like about the American Girl Mega Bloks is that they’re similar characters as the American Girl dolls, like the retired Grace. So there is more play value for girls who want to recreate their favorite American Girl doll play in a little building size. It is also a more affordable way for girls to get a favorite American Girl character. Lastly, the bricks work with all building sets, including Barbie Mega Bloks.
The American Girl bricks can stand on its included brick bases or on any brick surface. They also have similar hands as traditional minifigures so they can hold any brick related item.
Plus, the American Girl bricks can even swap clothes, body parts and hair amongst themselves. However, they aren’t able to swap clothes with the Barbie Mega Blok characters.
american girl mega bloks grace's pastry cart
The set we received was the American Girl Mega Bloks Grace Pastry Cart with Grace included, and a regular Series One American Girl character. So it is fun to pretend that Grace is serving cupcakes and cookies to a customer; making it great for pretend play. Then kids can use any bricks to build seating and tables or build a building around the cart – turning it into a bakery perhaps?
You can see all the features in my video here.

I’m excited about the new line; its interactivity in itself and how it fits with the other Mega Bloks lines and general brick building opportunities.
The pricing is affordable. The Grace Pastry set is $9.99 and the individual doll is $3.99. Larger sets range from $19.99 up to $69.99. I think the small sets and individual characters make great gifts, party favors for an American Girl themed birthday party, or perfect prizes for good report cards! The recommended age is 8+, which is similar to the American Girl dolls themselves, but I think it is great for kids 4+.
Four stars in my toy book!

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