Amazing Zhus Stunt Pets and Circus Accessories

Amazing Zhus. That was the name on the box when it arrived on my doorstep. I don’t know about you, but that name intrigued me!! And so did the toy when I opened it. It was one of my Holiday Gift Guide Toy picks, but I thought it deserved a post dedicated to its…well, amazingness! (Note that this post does have affiliate links.)
amazing zhus stunt pets
The official name is the Amazing Zhus The Great Magician Zhu Pets. It is a robotic pet with a magic wand and three magician’s cards. This ‘master of illusion’ hamster-like creature wears a special top hat (very dapper as Magicians are want to do) and just like human magicians, the cap is an integrical part of their magic routine! The imagery of the product reminds me of the turn-of-the century circus acts, which is a fun retro feel.

In the case of the Amazing Zhus Stunt Pets, however, the cap allows the Zhu to correctly guess the answers to your child’s magician cards, without even looking. This interactive motorized pet also follows the magic wand wherever your child leads him. The Amazing Zhus Stunt Pet can find his way back to his home by following the wand. (MRP $30)
This little entertainer can even perform on the circus equipment that you can buy separately, like a dive act where the Zhu pet can jump into a bucket of water (MRP $20) or a high wire act (MRP $20). 

He can also accurately guess where the pea is located in a shell game, also sold separately. (MRP $10) There is even a disappearing box, circus ball, stunt box, and circus wheel in the shape of a tomato can (MRP $10). Don’t forget the carrying case so your Amazing Zhu can make a grand entrance!

You can find them at Walmart and It is a fun take on a traditional magic act, and the additional accessories, and pets, makes it a toy that is not just one-time use, but can be a toy to build and explore upon. It’s for kids 4 and older, but I think it is best suited for a boy or girl who is really interested in putting on shows or magic acts to get the most benefit and interest. If they are, this is a unique product on the market that should be checked out for sure.
Before they disappear!!

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