Awesome Advent Calendars that also make great stocking stuffers

best advent calendars 2029

I love advent calendars. In our family, the tradition is that our Elf brings little goodies and toys to put in our personalize advent calendar decor we use every year. However, the goodies and toys from Holiday advent calendars also make great stocking stuffers. Just remove from the box compartments!

For parents of younger children, consider stocking up on extra advent calendars. You can use the pieces as prizes throughout the year for good behavior, for Easter Basket stuffers and more.

Even if an advent calendar is not in stock at the start of Dec 1st, consider using other prizes (candy, gum, money) until it arrives- or buy and store until next year! You’ll be ready to go for 2021!

Alternatively, if you are late to the game this season, don’t despair. Head to the dollar store or consider novelty places like Oriental Trading Co.

However, if you are ready to go with this year’s advent calendar content – here are some of my favorite Advent Calendars for 2020.

GUND – Filled with 12 days of plush, this Pusheen advent calendar is adorable. Yet, it also becomes a great playset once all the plush is discovered. The plush is hand sized so you really get playful plush. Great for kids, tweens and even college grads. Makes for adorable holiday home decor too. BUY HERE.

Playmobil – This brand has lots of fun, holiday themed advent calendars. However, my favorite this year is the Back to the Future Advent Calendar. Great for kids, but for grownup kids too! BUY HERE.

Funko – For super fans, you cannot go wrong with any of Funko’s advent calendars. For this, year, I am partial to the Harry Potter advent calendar. So cute to display the figures all year. BUY HERE.

Fisher Price – This company has great variety for toddlers and preschoolers. A personal favorite is the Thomas and Friends Advent Calendar with 24 mini trains. How cute is that! BUY HERE.

Lego – Always a popular favorite – they often have many themed set from which to chose. Whether you go with Lego Friends, Harry Potter, or just a holiday themed set, this lets kids build too. Then they can be great holiday decor in future years! BUY HERE.

LOL Surprise – They have a special edition LOL Surprise Advent Calendar where you get an exclusive doll and lots of fashion accessories. BUY HERE.

Mattel – In addition to the Fisher Price set they produce, they also have a Hot Wheels Advent Calendar where you get 24 cars. A must have for any car enthusiast (whether young or old!) BUY HERE.

All of these advent calendars offer great toys, tons of play value and can be used in a variety of ways: as advent calendars, stocking stuff pieces, year-long prizes, or basket items for other holidays especially if they are character based and not Christmas themed!

So, which calendar is your favorite?

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