5 Unique Ways to Get Disney Character Autographs

Most of us use autograph books to collect signatures from the various Disney Characters on our Disney vacations. It’s fun to get pictures taken with Disney Princesses or Mickey Mouse. However, getting autographs are a big part of the experience too. Yet, there are unique ways to get Disney character autographs other than via an autograph book. If you are looking for ideas, here are 5 to consider!

In addition to autograph books, other popular ideas include t-shirts. However, there are other clothing ideas and signature options that can be lots of fun! (Note, links are affiliate links.)
1. Encyclopedia of Characters Book. While heavy to carry, getting all the character signatures in one place is a good goal! If you like the collecting aspect, it is a way to have each character sign their page in the book. You’ll be able to see which character signatures you still need (and want). So each vacation, you know which characters you want to find. It is a bit like a scavenger hunt! Then the book is a great coffee table conversation starter!

2. Fabric Headband or Barrette. Yes, you can get signatures on Mickey Ears or hats, but I rarely wear them outside of my vacation. Yet, getting Belle or Cinderella’s signature on a basic headband or barrette is a fun thing to have the other days of the year at home! Such a cute accessory to wear to the gym or school!

3. Picture Frame or Mat. This is more fun than the autograph books because you can display the signatures all year on your bookshelf or mantel. Pick one of your favorite pictures from your trip and showcase all the signatures you collected on the frame mat. (Concept is the same as many do at weddings!) Each time you go on a Disney vacation, collect signatures again on a new mat! It is fun to see the different family photo from each trip AND the different signatures you collect each time!

4. Sneakers. While signing T-shirts is a fun option, sneakers are a bit different and funky! Get a nice white pair to carry in your backpack. (Characters will not sign clothing you are wearing.) Use fabric markers and when you get home, spray the sneakers with protectant spray to make them last a little longer. Then you have fun sneakers to wear all year, and especially on your next trip! Be prepared for a lot of people to ask you wear you got them!

5. Scarf. I love wearing fashion scarves so this was a must have for me. Get a plain white fabric scarf, like this one on Amazon. Then pick up fabric markers and an embroidery hoop. The embroidery hoop helps give the characters a place to easily sign the scarf. Just reposition it after each signature or two. Having the characters sign the scarf will give you a fashionable accessory to wear with any outfit!

The goal of these five unique ways to get Disney character autographs is to let you enjoy them all year long and for years to come in a more active and engaging way!

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