5 Must Have Disney Apps for Kids

Spring break is just around the corner and so are trips for Easter and Passover. We always load up our iPod Touch and iPad with apps to keep our preschooler occupied during our travels. Our favorite selections are the Disney Classics eBook apps. What I love about eBook apps is that it is almost a guaranteed way to get even the most reluctant reader to sit down and engage in the story through interactive content. Add the Disney flare, and you have a fun afternoon on a plane, in the car, or on any occasion.
Created by Disney Publishing, Disney Classics apps give your child the ability to personalize each story, compose songs using various instruments specific for each story by tapping on the screen, color in scenes and characters to help develop fine motor skills, puzzles that aid in spatial ability, and story themed memory games for critical thinking. These are typically sold on iTunes for $1.99, which is a bargain considering the multifaceted app you get, but these five must have Disney apps for kids are available from iTunes for $.99 until March 18, 2013:

Disney Apps Collage

Dumbo Disney Classics (orig. $1.99)
Relive the timeless film, Dumbo, in this interactive storybook app featuring beautiful illustrations and animation, word-for-word narration, music, sound effects and interactive surprises.
Peter Pan Disney Classics (orig. $1.99)
To Neverland! Readers will join Peter Pan, Tinker Bell and the whole gang on a swashbuckling and magical adventure. Coloring pages, interactive puzzles, and memory games are all included.
Jungle Book Disney Classics (orig. $1.99)
Follow the classic tale of a boy named Mowgli and his jungle friends as they face the dangerous tiger Shere Khan and the unknown world of the humans. Fun activities are found throughout the storybook.
Aristocats Disney Classics (orig. $1.99)
A modern twist on the timeless story, The Aristocats: Disney Classics combines delightful storytelling with unique interactive elements. Join the adventure with Duchess and her three kittens!
Bambi Disney Classics (orig. $1.99)
Walt Disney’s beloved coming-of-age tale will thrill a new generation of fans in this stunning storybook app. Read along, interact, and explore as Bambi and his furry friends grow up and learn about life in the forest.
Disclosure: No compensation was received for this post. Images, and some content, courtesy of Disney Publishing.

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