26 Acts of Kindness: What will you do?

Recently, there has been a movement started by the inspiring warmth of Ann Curry and has grown to include a variety of people online and offline.
Go to Twitter and search for #20Acts, #26Acts or #26ActsofKindness and be prepared to see people around the world bring light to the dark, hope in the face of sorrow, belief in times of doubt, and a future when there seems like no tomorrow.
The Mayan calendar ended on 12/21/12. A point taken literally by many people. However, maybe the Mayans were right. Maybe a movement like these 26 Acts of Kindness will change the direction of mankind, and will enlighten, inspire and encourage everyone to be kinder often, to love greater, and to hug bigger. Today, tomorrow, in 2013 and beyond.
This Friday, my three year old, my five month old and myself will be bringing a trunk filled with toys and gifts (26 gifts to be exact) to a local organization that brings Christmas to those that wouldn’t have it otherwise. A combination of toys that I was given and some I bought. I hope, despite it just being one car trunk, it will make 26 children happy on Christmas morning.
So, what can you do? Buy coffee for 26 people? Pay the parking meter for 26 cars? Hold the door open for 26 people? Deliver 26 gifts to your own local charity?
I love to hear what you can do or what you will do. Leave a comment to inspire others, share with others your ideas, your blog posts, and let’s change the face of mankind with our collective 26 steps.
In memory of #26 angels.

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