2013 Ford Escape: Hands Free Tailgate is Mom Perfect

As a Mom of two children, my hands are full. Figuratively of course, but I mean literally. Strollers, diaper bags, toys, sippy cups and the occassional baby, are always in my arms. I’m rather used to struggling with my stash of stuff and various doors, so when something comes easy in that vein, I am in shock and awe. Hence my new love of the Ford Escape Hands Free Tailgate.
When I bought my current car four years ago, I chose it over another car because the tailgate had a push button. A push button where I could raise and lower the tailgate without having to use both hands to push it up or down. Such bliss, but fast forward a few years. Forget push buttons; those are so 2008. Now it is hands free, baby.
You can see what I mean by “hands free” in the video below. All you do is walk up to the 2013 Ford Escape and wave your foot under the rear bumper, then voila, the tailgate opens. (Note that you have to have the feature enabled and the car unlocked so don’t think that it will open when a cat runs under the car or a stranger walks by)
So check out this video to see what I mean, and if you are in the market for a SUV, I’d head out for a 2013 Ford Escape test drive ASAP. Baby and stroller optional.

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