I’m Going To Show You How To Think Outside The Toy Box!

Whether you are looking for the latest toy for a birthday, a game that supports your childs’ neuro-psychological differences, or toys that offer great educational value for homeschooling, I’ll show you how to use toys to their maximum potential. Even when the potential is not transparent!

It is hard to navigate toy retailer websites. It’s hard to scroll through hundreds of toys all with different price points and benefits, and questionable reviews.

But – I’ll help you cut through the noise! So you can plan for play – and select, save and give space to the best toys that will engage, entertain and educate the children in your lives. I have over ten years in the toy industry and I am a Mom too!

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  • When you are shopping for a toy, how do you navigate all of the noise?
  • What’s really popular, but will give you the most play for your pocket?
  • Will the toy bring a smile to their face and be a benefit to their development?
  • How can you keep all the toy organized at home and use them to the best play potential?
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I’m a Toy Expert That Can Help!

My name is Charlene DeLoach and I used to write laws. Then I had a lifestyle blog called Charlene Chronicles. But now? I write about play! For the past ten years, I have been a contributing editor for a leading toy media company. I’ve appeared in over 90 toy-related television segments, written over 250 toy-specific articles and reviews as a contributing editor, and am an event planner in the toy industry. I am also a Mom to a boy and a girl!

My health care law background and experience with children with neurological differences have fostered my longevity in the toy field. I have a talent for understanding what toys can offer beyond the box. As a result, I’ve been also quoted in the Boston Globe, Boston Herald, The Huffington Post, Macomb Daily, ScaryMommy.com, and Forbes.com, and have several toy video series with Parents.com. Over the years, I have contributed to a variety of print resources and have assisted over 50 toy companies with play ideas.

Now, I want to help you find the best play possible!